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Cruise Ship vs Battleship

Have you ever wondered how to find the right church?

How do you typically “church-shop?” Are you mostly interested in finding a church that accommodates your needs and gives you a comfortable experience? Or are you looking for a church that equips you to serve and deploys your gifts?

We are called to serve – not to be served! It is a matter of once again getting out of our comfort zones and make the effort to be ACTIVELY part of a serving church community.

Please watch this video clip and then give an honest vote on which ship you want to be!

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How desperate are you for God
How desperate are you for God


There are two songs that really stir my heart: “Breathe” and “Let it rain.”
One line in the chorus of Breathe reads: “And I, I’m desperate for You.”

My question today: How desperate are you for God?
Do we realize that God wants a relationship with us, not just¬†“I know your name”¬†relationship – but a relationship that is more meaningful than a Father-son relationship, even more intimate than we sometimes want to imagine! Continue reading DeZperate

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