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Feedback: BosveldStereo “blikkiesfees”

On Saturday the 2nd June, our SOS-team from Galilee attended the BosveldStereo “blikkiesfees” in Brits.

The purpose of the “blikkiesfees” was to collect (as part of the entrance fee) as many as possible tinned food for underprivileged people in that area, as well as an entrance fee of R10.00 per person. The Organizers of the festival allowed our ministry to set up a tent for ministry purposes for free and we praise God for this provision. Although the CMR (Christelike Maatskaplike Raad/”Christian Welfare Council”) from Brits was mostly involved in this whole festival, it was quite sad to see that no other church from this area was involved or had a stand to support the event.                                                                      

  We pitched our gazebo before 09:00 and the ladies set up all the trimmings on the tables to look  a bit more inviting and professional.  The festival started off at a very slow start from 10:00 as the high school in the town also had a major sporting event on.  Slowly but surely the attendance picked up through the day but the people would walk in another direction as soon as they see our stand was from a ministry and we were not selling any stuff or food. (It seemed to us quite a lot of people are not really Christians and therefore we were at the right place at the right time).  People as far as from Randfontein, Mooinooi and Rustenburg to attend the festival. 

 We changed our strategy and then started to pass out our pamphlets together with a tract, the salvation doctrine with scriptures as well as an in-depth teaching about the God-head.     Various groups of people, especially a group of bikers – and I must add, not the Christian Bikers type – also bypassed our stand and some of them accepted the pamphlets and some dumped it later in the toilets.  One lady came rushing over to our stand and requested the study material on the God-head (the Prophetic wheel of God) that we distributed to the people, as she was quite interested in this study.  This study will clearly give you all the scriptures how this One God reveals Himself as the Father in the Creation, as the Son in the Salvation and as the Holy Spirit in the Church dispensation.  If you require such a study please submit a comment with your email particulars and I will gladly send you a copy. 

Our SOS- team ladies made contact with the women passing our stand and brought them over to have their hands “manicured” with a combination of brown sugar and olive oil. It leaves their hands “baby-soft” and then rubbed with a nice smelling hand cream.  While the ladies were treated with this free service,  our team would then minister to them and pray for specific requests.  Praise God for His Spirit is always faithful when you minister to someone and how He lifts something up or confirms another aspect in that specific person’s life through the gift of prophecy.  

 At these festivals it is usually difficult to speak to the men, as they are not so open to the spiritual side of   life as women are.  Being with other friends, they would shrug off any attempt to speak to them and rather walk away.  But one man came to our stand and spend some time, then returned a few minutes later and talked to one of our team members.  Later it was found that he only recently gave his heart to the Lord Jesus Christ and was very hungry for more of the Word and of the Lord Jesus Christ!  He returned a third time with his pastor – who was checking us out and I could sense he was afraid we would “steal his sheep”.   Later the same man returned again and we gave him a brand new English Bible which I know he would cherish in his future studies.   

Galilee Ministries are not in the business to “steal the sheep” from other congregations.  However, we are rather in the service of our Father, the Creator and Savior of all to unfold the good news of the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ to the poor and proclaim liberty to the captives, to recover the sight of the blind and to set at liberty those who are oppressed.  (Luke 4:18,19)  

The SOS-ministry team is the operational arm of Galilee Ministries and the main purpose of this team is to:

  • Search and Rescue of ailing congregations and to support (coaching)  the pastors and their leadership teams with a new vision and focus;
  • To identify the problem situation and barriers for revival and growth and to stimulate a new passion and commitment amongst the leadership team and congregation;
  • Providing specific teaching and short courses from the Word of God on an advanced level;
  • Identify and conduct evangelical outreaches through joint ventures;
  • Establishing of Business Cases and proposals for funding of Community and Humanitarian development projects. 

 Br Piet Grobler (who will also be ordained as a Pastor before the end of the month) spoke to one of the ladies from another stand and a few minutes later she was being ministered to by our SOS-team ladies.  Two team members even started to minister to the people who worked at their stands and provided them with literature. 

At the end of the day (we packed up at 15:00) we felt that it was a good day in the service of our Father and we know that a couple of hearts were touched through the direct ministry and many more will also  be reached through the Bibles, tracts, study material and visits to our website and teachings on the blog.  Since this festival we can see an immediate increase in the number of visits to our site and people are also visiting (and referring) some of the old teachings that we have posted in 2009.  This is such good news and it gives us as a ministry team new inspiration and encouragement to continue with our service.  You are most welcome to refer our website and teachings and resources (such as The Arithmetic of God) to your friends and family.  Be blessed and fruitful in the Name of Jesus Christ!


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