Beware of the enemy’s secret weapon.

Freedom by Forgiveness

Freedom by Forgiveness

The devil has many methods and devices which he uses to try to discourage the faith of believers. But out of all of satan’s strategies, he has a favorite “secret weapon” which has been more effective in destroying Christian lives than anything else in his arsenal. He delights in this wicked device. Each time it succeeds, I can imagine that he gleefully prances about, celebrating the downfall of another poor soul.

Unfortunately for many Christians, Satan’s ultimate weapon still remains a secret. Even though its lethal strike has caused countless numbers of believers to stumble away from God and the the Church, and into the clutches of the devil, most never actually recognized what the weapon was.

By now I’m sure that you’re very curious and wonder why the Bible didn’t warn us about this weapon. However, it does warn us. As a matter of fact, Jesus taught about it repeatedly. He certainly knew its danger and made it a priority to instruct his followers of how to protect themselves against it. (more…)

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