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Dealing with Disappointment – a personal testimony! (Part 7)

I apologize for the delay in the posting of the final posts on this important matter, but here we are now.

Once again (with reference to the previous post – Part 6):

  • DO NOT park on the negative issues ;
  • Or return to them,
  • Because then you could fall into a vicious circle of going through the negative emotions continually.  
  • And it will destroy you!

The second circle of events (which created the trauma and disappointment) leads you to the third circle, which I have termed:

The Job syndrome (or Satan’s territory).

 The X factor 4

Due to the immense pain and disappointment, you could easily slip into the next phase of emotions, such as:

  • Withdrawal;
  • Self-pity;
  • Fear;
  • Distrust;
  • Backsliding;
  • Covering up your pain with false joy;
  • Losing faith
  • Depression;
  • Bitterness;
  • Hatred;
  • Suicidal – that is exactly where Satan wants you to be! Even if you only regret the day you were born, you are now on dangerous territory.

Do yourself a favor and read through the Book of Job.  See and experience the pain and despair that he went through, but in the end it was his own attitude and self-pity that has prolonged the process that God wanted to achieve in his life.  Even his own friends told him that it was easy for him to provide guidance and advice to other people in the city due to his wisdom, but now that he was in his own pain and predicament, he could not listen to anybody else or to apply what he taught other people.

We all know the phrase: “Practice what you preach”!  And YES – it is the most difficult thing to apply in our own lives. Especially for pastors and other lay-preachers who are busy with counseling and deliverance.  Most of the time the pastors do not have a friendly ear to speak to or to receive counseling and advice from, because who can you trust out there?  First of all, you dare not speak to anybody in the congregation about your problem or pain, because it will run through the congregation like a wild fire.  Other pastors will think less of you, even while they are dealing with the same issues on hand.  They would rather avoid you and refrain from contact than to be there as a friend who would listen and thereafter provide you with sound advice and support.

Notwithstanding any of the above, I have also learned some valuable lessons in this regard and one of them is that the Lord wants us to deal with specific issues in our lives completely on our own – while He is always watching and guiding and protecting!

Let’s take the aspect of Trust in the Lord.  Everyone would say they have faith in the Lord Jesus – but do you also TRUST Him with everything in your life?  And you cannot pray to receive Trust, or study about it.  You have to earn it on your own and through your own experiences.  This is a one-man show with God being the Director of the play.  You receive the test through various trials and tribulations and you learn to trust the Lord purely because there is nothing and nobody else who can (or want to) help you.  This is when you learn to push your faith in front of reality – where the reality of things does not scare you anymore.  Your faith and trust in the Lord needs to became greater than the fear that tries to overwhelm you.  Also read Jeremiah 17:5 – 10 and see the difference between the two scenarios.

Your faith and trust in the Lord needs to become greater

than the fear and reality of the situation

that tries to overwhelm you!

In our situation, we had to trust the Lord completely to not loose our house and all other assets due to the untimely closure of my construction business.   At one stage we were already 30 months behind in payments and the only thing I could do with the summonses from the Bank, was to put in into my Bible at a specific verse and pray about it.  I had to give my problem to the Lord and then trust Him completely to give me a favorable outcome.  And I mean completely because there was no other plan, option or man who could help me.  And the Lord prevailed as we did not loose our house or any other asset, for He is good and faithful.   He is worthy to be trusted because He is no man that could lie.

You know, it is nothing short than a miracle from God when He pushes the reality of a specific situation to the back when we allow faith and trust in Him to reign in our lives.  He specializes in the impossible and nothing is too hard for Him.  If He could let the sun go back ten degrees upon the prayer of one man (2Ki 20:10), what will He not do for you?

The last delivery on this teaching will follow tomorrow. 




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I write as a Bible believing Christian and not as a black African. I do not seek to be politically correct or socially acceptable. My interest here is to point the attention of society to biblical truth, its relevance, accuracy and adaptability to situation in every country under the sun.

Emotions run very high at such a time in South Africa as people on both sides of the divide react in fear and trepidation to the murder of a far right wing, 69 year old, ex convict and leader of AWB by two suspects who handed themselves over to Police after the incident. It has come to light that these boys’ wages have not been paid and no one disputes that this is certainly the wrong way to resolve labor dispute.

The political backdrop to this situation is that Mr. Julius Malema, President of ANC Youth wing has revived the singing of struggle songs which incites people to kill the Boer. ANC has contested court ruling that bans the singing of such songs and while the debate rages, Mr. Malema is off to Zimbabwe. One imagines what theme dominates his discussions with Robert Mugabe’s team. It could be the strategies used in the farm invasions in Zimbabwe among others since Malema has been talking nationalization and has promised to push for that agenda upon return from Zimbabwe.

What’s important for me to point out in this piece is that whoever is guilty of bloodshed forfeits inheritance. This is a scriptural law that governs all nations and every nation builder need to know. Cain became a fugitive when he killed his brother. Cain lost his inheritance. Simeon and Levi lost their inheritance and became scattered in Israel because they were guilty of bloodshed. David could not build the temple for God because God says he was guilty of bloodshed. The hand that spills human blood does not gather inheritance for succeeding generations. When this is applied to economic situation where people have been guilty of bloodletting, it means that whoever is involved in bloodletting will lose land, home and capital. It is an irony that these are the same matters for which people shed blood but we see clearly from scripture that the person responsible for the violent death of others will eventually lose the same properties for which he killed others.

A study of the history of nations confirms that this biblical principle is true at all times and for all peoples. If the whites kill in Africa, at the end of the day the land for which they killed will be lost. If the blacks decide to kill, at the end of the day, the land for which they chose to kill will be lost. This is one of the reasons why the God of the Bible says “Thou shall not kill”. The other reason anyway is the sanctity of life. Life is sacred and must not be violated for any reason.

Wisdom demands that we observe that those who killed in the past have lost and continue to lose. If others kill now the same circle will be repeated

On the cross at Calvary, Jesus shed his blood for remission of both individual and corporate sins. In addition Jesus gave his blood as the price to buy the earth (the land, nations and all the mineral resources in it) from the dominion of darkness and the consequences of bloodshed in every nation.

If the leaders of a nation can understand provisions of the cross, the blood of Jesus and can apply it to nation building, that generation can minimize bloodshed. Without the understanding and application of the cross and the blood of Jesus however, nations continue to experience one form of violent deaths or the other. The implication is that each generation involve in bloodletting will not be able develop the economy in a constructive way.

A generation cannot keep two mindsets. A people cannot be destructive and constructive at the same time. One cannot retain the mindset to kill and the mindset to build. It must lose one for the other. Each generation and people must choose.

The primary cause of violence is never racial. Race is an excuse. Oppression, violence, racism are manifestations of the fallen nature. The biblical remedy is for individuals to genuinely surrender their lives to Jesus and be redeemed from the fallen sinful nature. Secondly, leaders of nations need in-depth study and understanding of the bible to know how to regain the benefits of the death and resurrection of Jesus for the rebuilding of the nations and developing robust economy.

Social and spiritual justice demands that whoever is guilty of bloodshed should not own an inheritance. Even the generation that crucified Jesus did not retain their land. In that same generation, (around 70 AD) Emperor Titus invaded Jerusalem and made it desolate.

May we learn from the Bible and not repeat the same mistake.

Olusegun Olanipekun

Institute for Christian Leadership Development


5 April 2010


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Todays Scripture

Have not I commanded thee? Be strong and of a good courage; be not afraid, neither be thou dismayed: for the LORD thy God is with thee whithersoever thou goest.
Jos 1:9 (KJV)

If you have fear today, or maybe you’re not sure about your future and how things will turn out – I hope that this scripture will encourage you today to carry on. So, put a smile on that face and lift up your head – if God is for us, who can be against us?!

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Thought 15

Today, we continue destroying thoughts of fear.

1 John 4:18 says “…fear has torment.” Perhaps you have felt tormented by the fear of dying, the fear of cancer, the fear of running out of money, or the fear of what someone could do to hurt you. Today, we put an end to the torment, and punishment of fear.

1. Reject and resist whatever isn’t from God. 2 Timothy 1:7 says, “God has not given you the spirit of fear—but power, love and a sound mind.” Fear is from the devil. Don’t tolerate it for a second.

2. Speak to fearMark 11:23 says, “…say to this mountain (of fear) ‘be removed and cast into the sea’ and do not doubt, but believe those things you say, shall happen.” The spoken word has more power than the running thoughts in your head. Speak to those thoughts of fear and command them to go. Continue reading Thought 15

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Thought 14


Today we’re fasting from the granddaddy of all wrong thinking: “I’m afraid.”

Fear is at the root of just about every negative thing that happens in our lives. We’re afraid of failing, afraid of being alone, or rejected; afraid of running out of money; afraid that people will let us down; that we won’t find a spouse, or a job; and the list goes on and on. All fear is rooted in the core belief that God’s Word won’t work. For example, the fear of not having enough is rooted in the fear that Philippians 4:19 isn’t true. If you believe that “God will supply all your needs according to His riches…” then fear leaves.

Let’s fast from the thought “I’m afraid.”

1. Meditate on the fact that God’s Word is true. In John 17:17 Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth.” What God says is fact—whether you feel it, whether you see it, whether you have ever experienced it.

2. Consider God’s track record. 1 Kings 8:56 says, “Thanks be to the Lord. He has given rest to His people Israel. He has done all that He promised. Every word has come true of all His good promise, which He promised…” (New Life Version). He has done all that He has promised. He has never failed. Fear leaves when you can rely on something that can’t fail. There are over 1000 predictions or prophecies in the Bible—promises that God made before they happened. The chances of merely 17 of these coming to pass is ONE out of 450 billion x 1 billion x 1 trillion! Yet, not one of these 1000 promised have failed. In fact, to this day, 668 of them have already been fulfilled. What does that tell us? God keeps His Word. Continue reading Thought 14

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