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Let us praise the Lord!

The Word of God and especially the Psalms, are full of praises for our God, the Creator of all!

It is so sad to see and hear how people would just ignore His existence and the fact that He IS the Creator, the Great I AM!  The scientists are spending millions to find the “God-particle” while God Himself, His fullness is all around them.  You just have to reach out in faith to touch Him and start a relationship with the Savior of all, Jesus Christ.

The other day I was watching a film (a so called futuristic film) and then the one guy talked about prayer and God.  The other one asked what is God?  The first one replied “Oh, that is the one whom you talk to , to do something for you and then disappoints you”.   So sad that the world out there do not recognize the love and power of God!  But, yes the finger points right back to us as the Church that we have not portrayed Christ as we should have.  We have created a “god” who disappoints; who is not in touch with his children; who does not care about our troubles, who is unfaithful, etc.  But the real God and Father of all is quite the opposite.  

I want to start off with Psalm 103 (NLV) and with only the first two verses:

  1. Let all that I am praise the Lord; with my whole heart, I will praise His holy name; 
  2. Let all that I am praise the Lord; may I never forget the good things He does for me.  

There are so many aspects of God to praise and we will come to that as we progress with this blog message, but His name is higher than any other name!   Let us praise His name, whether it is in Hebrew (if you are a Jew); or in English; or Afrikaans; or whatever language you call upon the name of the Lord, because the God that we serve is the God of all people and of all languages.

Lord I praise your name for being God of Creation, for being my God and Savior.  Teach me o Lord to praise you with my whole heart, with all that I am I want to praise and adore you.  Teach me and remind me to never forget the good things you have done for me.  Amen. 




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The Grocery List

(Received anonymous via e-mail and specific names were removed as we cannot vouch for the authenticity of the story and names)

A poorly dressed lady with a look of defeat on her face, walked into a grocery store. She approached the owner of the store in a most humble manner and asked if he would let her charge a few groceries. She softly explained that her husband was very ill and unable to work, they had seven children and they needed food.

The grocer, scoffed at her and requested that she leave his store at once. Visualizing the family needs, she said: ‘Please, sir! I will bring you the money just as soon as I can.’  He told her he could not give her credit, since she did not have a charge account at his store.

Standing beside the counter was a customer who overheard the conversation between the two.  The customer walked forward and told the grocer that he would stand good for whatever she needed for her family. The grocer said in a very reluctant voice, “Do you have a grocery list?” She replied, “Yes sir.”

“O.K” he said, “put your grocery list on the scales and whatever your grocery list weighs, I will give you that amount in groceries.”  She hesitated a moment with a bowed head, then she reached into her purse and took out a piece of paper and scribbled something on it. She then laid the piece of paper on the scale carefully with her head still bowed. The eyes of the grocer and the customer showed amazement when the scales went down and stayed down.

The grocer, staring at the scales, turned slowly to the customer and said begrudgingly, ‘I can’t believe it.’ The customer smiled and the grocer started putting the groceries on the other side of the scales. The scale did not balance so he continued to put more and more groceries on them until the scales would hold no more. The grocer stood there in utter disgust.  Finally, he grabbed the piece of paper from the scales and looked at it with greater amazement. It was not a grocery list, it was a prayer, which said: ‘Dear Lord, you know my needs and I am leaving this in your hands.’

The grocer gave her the groceries that he had gathered and stood in stunned silence. She thanked him and left the store. The other customer handed a hundred-dollar bill to the grocer and said;

“It was worth every penny of it. Only God knows how much a prayer weighs.”

When you read this, say a prayer. That’s all you have to do. Just stop right now, and say a prayer of thanks for your own good fortune and pray for someone that you know who needs a miracle in their lives right now!  Even if it for your own situation.  Prayer is one of the best and most powerful gifts that we have received – and it is still free.  You and the one who you are praying for will receive the rewards. A double blessing!

Just think about the above story for a while, whether it is true or not.  We really need to start trusting the Lord Jesus in our lives for all circumstances and situations.  He wants to be God in our lives and we do this by trusting and leaving the difficult and even the mundane situations in His hands.  Completely! And then He can amaze and surprise us with His awesome power and glory!  I know this – me and my wife has been there, done it wrong, got the scars and the proverbial T-shirt – until we started to trust the Lord for each situation and respected the outcome on each one as well.  He knows the best for you and me!  The Lord has taken me and my wife on a very difficult road of financial difficulty for more than 6 years, and we had to learn how to trust Him with everything in our lives.  Today we can say that we serve an awesome God, who is faithful and trustworthy.

Go ahead. Trust the Lord with your situation today.  Write it down on paper if you want to, place it in your Bible at one of your favourite scriptures (promises) and then pray and allow the Lord to deal with it.  Then write to us about the miracle(s) you have received.

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Thought 17

Today we’re fasting from the thought that says: “People are against me.”

This thinking stops your love-walk. It’s hard to love people that you think are against you. It stops your faith, as well. When you’re concerned about what others think, you are not standing on God’s promises. Your eyes can’t focus on two things at once–when you get your eyes on what others think of you, you take them OFF of what God thinks of you. Continue reading Thought 17

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Thought 14


Today we’re fasting from the granddaddy of all wrong thinking: “I’m afraid.”

Fear is at the root of just about every negative thing that happens in our lives. We’re afraid of failing, afraid of being alone, or rejected; afraid of running out of money; afraid that people will let us down; that we won’t find a spouse, or a job; and the list goes on and on. All fear is rooted in the core belief that God’s Word won’t work. For example, the fear of not having enough is rooted in the fear that Philippians 4:19 isn’t true. If you believe that “God will supply all your needs according to His riches…” then fear leaves.

Let’s fast from the thought “I’m afraid.”

1. Meditate on the fact that God’s Word is true. In John 17:17 Jesus said, “Thy Word is truth.” What God says is fact—whether you feel it, whether you see it, whether you have ever experienced it.

2. Consider God’s track record. 1 Kings 8:56 says, “Thanks be to the Lord. He has given rest to His people Israel. He has done all that He promised. Every word has come true of all His good promise, which He promised…” (New Life Version). He has done all that He has promised. He has never failed. Fear leaves when you can rely on something that can’t fail. There are over 1000 predictions or prophecies in the Bible—promises that God made before they happened. The chances of merely 17 of these coming to pass is ONE out of 450 billion x 1 billion x 1 trillion! Yet, not one of these 1000 promised have failed. In fact, to this day, 668 of them have already been fulfilled. What does that tell us? God keeps His Word. Continue reading Thought 14

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