Spiritual Attack and Defend prayer strategies

The Church should be in a state of waiting for the return of the Lord Jesus, preparing itself through holiness, etc. but such a lot of children of God are so heavenly bound that they are earthly no good.  They are saved, baptized and ready to go and nothing else matters.  This is the wrong attitude, because if the statistics reveal that only 30% of world population is Christians, then we as children of the living God, have a massive task ahead of us to proclaim the true message of salvation through the blood of Jesus Christ.

 On a regular basis we see children of God who back slide and the church have a responsibility towards all these brothers and sisters. We cannot afford to be selfish in this regard, because we don’t get a second chance when the Lord has come to fetch His Bride.  You either make it or you don’t.  There is no such thing as a secondary chance or test to pass. The virgins in      (more…)

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