Michael Jackson, 1958-2009, a commentary by Bishop Samuel Smith

According to Michael Jackson's biographer Ian Halperin, in his forthcoming book, "The Final Years of Michael Jackson," he writes that Jackson was addicted to drugs and was homosexual. His findings are supported by exhaustive research and documentation. I am not judging Michael Jackson, he was a soul that Christ loved; but, do not judge me for commenting on the state of our culture, and born-again Christians who idolize him. Some are calling him, "The Prince of Peace."  (more…)

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Kings, Priests and Prophets

[caption id="attachment_311" align="alignright" width="150" caption="Do you hear?"]Do you hear?[/caption] Do you ever wonder why some people claim to hear the voice of the Lord on a regular basis and others don't? Is it because some are more 'spiritual' or closer to God than others? Do you sometimes feel 'left-out' or uncertain about yourself when you hear that some-one else received a Word from the Lord? You may have had the feeling that God is not speaking to you. I hope this article will give you a little more confidence in your faith. (more…)

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