My God and my King!

Today I stand in awe and have to confess that I DO serve a righteous-prayer answering God!!

So many times in life we pray and then walk away from the circumstances that forced you to pray that specific prayer at the time – not always seeing the actual fulfillment of the prayer. Other times we come into situations where we need to reprimand other Christians who are not walking according to the Word and who are outright rebellious but do not want to turn from their ways. Sad to say but these Christians walk away from you not having dealt with the issue at hand which God is obviously wanting them to deal with.

So, we walk away from a prayer that was left in God’s hands and they walk away from an issue God wants them to deal with – and probably vice versa. Have we ever stopped and taken a glance back to see what has happened – did the circumstances which were prayed for even change? Did these people (and ourselves) get to dealing with the issue God wanted to change in their life?

Today I can say I have had the opportunity to glance back to these people and circumstances and have seen that God is (more…)

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