Galilee International Ministries (SA)

PO Box 11207,                                                                                                 Suiderberg, Pretoria, 0055                                                                                South Africa                                                                                                                   080-792-NPO

Summary of Organizational Structure:

  • President: – Prof. Eric J Heath (Th.D; Ph. D.)
  • Executive Board:  Adj Prof. Frank Kotze (Th.D.); Past Gert Steenkamp; Past Lorraine Kotze (B. Min.);        V. Heath; E. Steenkamp.
  • General Secretary – Past Gert Steenkamp
  • Contact:

Honorary Membership:

  • Bishop N.E Dube (Johannesburg)
BinaH Advanced Bible College:                                                            “To teach with insight and understanding”  
  • The complete Prospectus is available on the website;

Connect with us:

Previously we had a church in Danville, Pretoria as our home base for the Organization, but our current vision is to plant new churches in all areas of South Africa as the Lord leads us to do as well as to support other  congregations in teaching, re-structuring, re-focussing and to grow to maturity.  Through this vision we utilize the relevant congregations which we support as a personal home base.
Currently we are looking for a suitable venue in Pretoria to start up a new church which will feature once again as our own home base for the organization.  
If you are interested in:
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  • Becoming a Full Member or Partner, you can download the Application template by clicking on the following button. Follow the instructions on the Template to complete the form and to submit it to us for approval:  Download  
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