Under this heading we will add from time to time various Biblical teachings and tools which you can utilize in your personal walk with the Lord Jesus Christ or in your ministry.

Later on we will even add video clips; videos of specific teachings and also blog posts as the Lord leads us to post.

The first one that I would like to provide here is the book that I wrote on “Conquering Disappointment”. 


It is based upon a personal testimony and valuable lessons that I learned from God that He allows disappointment in our lives – in order to achieve His goals in our lives. Although the process is painful and sometimes extreme as in the case of Job, the end result will always provide a testimony and a better relationship with our God!

It deals with the period where I and various other role players have put everything on the line to compile business cases for a  USA Foundation towards humanitarian projects and afterwards being fired from the projects. We were extremely devastated as our dreams and hopes for our ministry were smashed on the whim and assumptions of one or more persons, up to the point where we even doubted our calling and the ability to hear the voice of God. It deals with the main question that God raised to me:

Will I still serve Him if I do not receive any further fulfillment of promises? (based upon Heb 11:13).  Will you? 

It deals with the strategy to conquer devastating disappointment across a variety of situations such as divorce, death of loved ones and even dealing with the trauma of retrenchment. The purpose is to empower people with knowledge and insight on the natural emotions they go through but also to warn about the danger of not moving forward through the discussion of the following topics:

  • The sin of assumptions and the devastating effect of it;
  • What is disappointment – sometimes even being disappointed in God;
  • Life circles of Righteousness according to Psalm 23;
  • A personal testimony when I broke my back;
  • The emotional roller coaster linked with the Job syndrome and the danger involved;
  • The power of forgiveness;
  • The purpose of it all! God always have something better in store for us!

The book is now available in print as follows:

  • Order it directly from the publishers at R 120.00 plus postage : Groep7 Publishers (navrae@groep7.co.za)
  • Or you can order the book (pdf-format) for R 85.00 by sending your details to galmin@galmin.co.za

Read it, apply the principles in your life and sow it to a family member or friend who battles with disappointment in their lives.

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