Profile PicsPast Eric J. Heath with his wife of 35 years, Venetia, is the founding pastor of Galilee International Ministries (SA) in January 2009 and serves as President since then.

He previously worked in the Department of Post and Telecommunications, Santambank and Telkom SA (Ltd) and was trained as an Organizational Development Consultant. Through the years he studied and completed various Leadership and Management courses, the last one being a Certificate in Management through the Business School of Pretoria University. At the same time he completed his 3-year Bible College Diploma. This background of facilitation and management processes supports him well in his endeavor to bring the message of hope in a new and unconventional manner to a variety of audiences.

They started up a small congregation in Danville of Pretoria in October 1997 and he went full time in the ministry in 2007. He continued his studies and completed his Master’s degree in Theology (M.Th. – Counseling; 2009) and two Doctorate’s in Theology (D. Th. & Ph. D. ) through Therapon University in 2012 and 2014 with dissertations on:   

  • “ A Leadership model for the establishment of a Business Case Framework to provide structure and motivation for funding purposes of sustainable Humanitarian and Spiritual Development Projects in the rural areas of South Africa and Southern African countries”. 
  • The Trojan Horse is IN the Church”
  • “Conquering Disappointment” 
  • In December 2014 he also received an appointment as Adjunct Professor from Therapon University.

During his research, he has spent more than 18 months in research work across most of the South African provinces to identify, analyze and compile suitable humanitarian projects in Business Cases for a Foundation based in the USA. The main principle of the Business Cases entailed that suitable commercial projects (commercial farms and businesses) be identified and purchased, which would not only sustain the new humanitarian sites (Community center/pastoral care; orphanage; old age home with frail care and hospice; private Christian School), but would propel the Church environment to become self-sustainable to such a level that it would be able to continue with the Humanitarian projects without the need for external funding after 3 – 5 years.

He and his wife pastored the Danville congregation (End Time Pentecostal Ministries) in Pretoria, South Africa, more than 14 years before leaving it in the care of another pastor. This area is well-known for its poor community and being their first congregation, it has posed a lot of challenges and learning lessons for them through the years. Through faith they established and ministered to this congregation from their own funding and the Lord had been extremely good to them through all the years.

Although Pastor Eric’s wife, Venetia is still working full time as an IT Software Quality Controller, they have experienced extreme financial difficulties for more than 6 years, but their faith in God prevailed and today they have a testimony of God who is Faithfull and Almighty.

Over the years, the Lord has dealt awesome messages and revelations from the Word of God with him and they have seen a couple of miracles happening in this small community church, such as:

  • Upon a prayer of faith for a young couple who could not have children for more than 7 years, they were blessed with the good news 6 weeks later when the Lord answered their faith and 9 months later a beautiful girl was born .
  • They experienced a move and powerful presence of the Holy Spirit in 1999 in one of their evening services, which they best could describe as a whirlwind/a rushing wind (without the actual wind) that entered the building during the praise and worship. It left them all on the ground for at least 45 minutes of repenting and praising God. However, a few people left the church because the presence of God in this service was just too real for them.
  • Physical healings of various people – even those who were not in the service at that time.
  • Inner healings from pain and trauma that existed for many years, etc.

Since 2008 the Lord has been dealing with him on other major issues , such as “Don’t feed the monkey” and “A Case -4-Grace”, of which he is still busy writing the books in this regard.  More about this will be revealed later.

Pastor Eric truly believe in the message from apostle Paul who declared:

For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ: for it is the power of God unto salvation to everyone that believeth; to the Jew first, and also to the Greek. Rom 1:16 (KJV)





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